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Caltech has made the outstanding Feynman Lectures on Physics freely available on the web!


ill titleWelcome

This website is a gateway to the ViaScience Youtube channel, started on Feb. 26, 2009 for what were going to be a couple of one-off videos on relativity. A few folks enjoyed those and asked for more, hence I have on and off continued to produce them. It's become a labor of love and hopefully of use to at least a few people interested in how science, in particular physics, has allowed us mere mortals to figure out quite a bit about how the universe works.


ill titleGoal

The plan is to eventually provide an extensive set of videos providing a complete introduction to the primary concepts of the major fields of physics. There will be a separate playlist for each field (see main page). These are not produced in any particular order, but as time and interest permit. Currently there are about 85 videos totaling about 19 hours of material, primarily on quantum mechanics and relativity. But thermodynamics and quantum field theory are catching up.

ill titleTarget Audience


There are many excellent math-free physics videos available on Youtube oriented toward the proverbial "general public." There are also formal university physics courses. The target of this effort is somewhere inbetween. The emphasis is on physical concepts but enough math is included that the presentations are more than "hand waving." I think a casual viewer can largely gloss over the math and still get an idea of the main concepts.